Decoration of dishes and desserts with herbs

Decoration of dishes and desserts with herbs

Greens are a healthy product containing vitamins and minerals. Decorating dishes with herbs is one of the easiest ways to make a dish beautiful and healthy. Decoration of dishes and desserts with herbs.

To decorate a dish with greens, it is not necessary to have a rich imagination, the most ordinary homemade cutlets laid out on lettuce leaves will already look great. Fantasy can be healthy if you want to decorate your child’s dish with greens, then you will have to try, each time inventing something new.

Before you come up with decorating dishes with greens, make sure that the greens you have are fresh.

Tips for decorating dishes. Decoration of dishes and desserts with herbs.

A spectacular serving of a dish is an art. Distribute food on a plate in height, not in width. For example, a beautiful slide or a turret;
Combine contrasting colors, sizes, and textures: crispy with soft, red with green, etc.;
Observe the measure: the plate should not look empty, but you do not need to fill it completely. Small portions look more appetizing and encourage you to enjoy the process;
Adhere to minimalism in the decoration of the dish: elegant touches should only emphasize its beauty, and not become an independent meal;
Observe the harmony of food with the background: for hot dishes, it should be warm, for cold dishes — cold.

Herbs and flowers and micro-greenery
Herbs and flowers and microgreenery. pixabay

A familiar dish thanks to greenery and herbs will look much more beautiful and appetizing. For example, we use tartlets, and with the help of the most common dill and lettuce leaves, you can beautifully decorate this dish. Put a couple of lettuce leaves on a plate, decorate them with lemon slices, and put tartlets with fresh dill sprigs. Such decoration of dishes with greenery will help to give a finished look to any dish.

Decoration of dishes with herbs. Decoration of dishes and desserts with herbs.

At home, it is used to decorate dishes with chives. The feathers of such a bow look like very thin tubes. It is combined with all vegetables and herbs, so it can be used to decorate any dish (for example, miniature snacks, canapes, or sandwiches).

To decorate dishes with onions, you can show imagination. Chives are also suitable for decorating children’s dishes, with their help you can make all the fine details. It will turn out neatly, beautifully, and very tasty!

When setting the table, in addition to the main course and salads, we use all kinds of snacks. Olives, olives, mushrooms, cucumbers, and tomatoes can be used as snacks, you can use the techniques of decorating dishes with dill, parsley, and fragrant rosemary. Make a small wreath of rosemary so that it fits on a flat plate that you have prepared for snacks.

Herbs and flowers and micro-greenery
Herbs and flowers and microgreenery. pixabay

Put olives, olives, mini balls of mozzarella cheese, gherkins, canned cherry tomatoes, and any other snacks on the finished wreath. The smell of fresh pastries combined with the aroma of rosemary will help create a cozy atmosphere at your table.

Mint decor

We brew tea with mint, make refreshing cocktails, and use it to decorate a wide variety of dishes. Mint is suitable for decorating almost any dish, from soups to drinks and desserts. Fruit salads, drinks, ice cream, and other desserts will only benefit in taste and appearance if they are decorated with mint leaves. (For example, an ice cream ball decorated with a couple of mint leaves and a raspberry berry will look very appetizing).

Decoration of dishes and desserts with herbs
Decoration of dishes and desserts with herbs pixabay

Mint herb in chocolate

Chocolate will keep mint leaves green and fresh for several days, and such a decoration will look very unusual and original. To make a delicious treat with mint, you will need 20 fresh, beautiful leaves and 5.29oz of milk or bitter chocolate. Put mint leaves on baking paper at a distance from each other. Melt the chocolate in a water bath and put it in a pastry bag.

Apply the chocolate in equal portions to the mint, cover with another sheet of parchment and gently press. The chocolate will completely hide the mint leaves and turn into thin round cakes. Leave the chocolate in a cool place for at least 1 hour, then carefully separate the chocolates from the parchment.

Mint herb in chocolate
Mint herb in chocolate pixabay

You can use chocolate to decorate the dessert. Put the mint chocolates in a container, cover them with a lid, and store them in the refrigerator for no longer than 3 days.

Basil is a decoration of dishes with herbs. Greens are a healthy product containing vitamins and minerals. 

Basil can decorate any dish: ice cream, pizza, or salad. The classic combination is mozzarella cheese with tomatoes, decorated with basil leaves on top. Place large leaves of fresh basil on a flat plate in a circle, do not try to spread them evenly, let them be laid out in any order.

On top of the basil, also put cherry tomatoes in a circle, and put half a mini-ball of mozzarella on each tomato. The familiar dish will acquire a new, appetizing appearance.

Many people are happy to use herbs and micro-greens in their recipes. Herbs and flowers and micro-greenery are a real source of inspiration for them. Natural flavors and flavors are an excellent tool for self-expression and favorably distinguish a true master of culinary art.

Herbs pixabay

Let the dishes prepared by you be not only delicious but also healthy and beautifully decorated!