10 tips for a full and healthy sleep

10 tips for a full and healthy sleep

Most people remember that for well-being, beauty and efficiency, it is also necessary to get enough sleep regularly. 10 tips for a full and healthy sleep.

Not only its quantity is important for sleep, but also its quality! Today we will talk about the rules of a full healthy sleep, there are few of them and they are very simple, but effective – check for yourself.

1. Follow the daily routine

You yourself may have noticed that if you go to bed and get up at the same time every day, then the body gets used to a certain routine, thanks to you a sound sleep.

You can choose the optimal sleep time for yourself. You try to go to bed no later than midnight, when the nervous system is already sufficiently relaxed, otherwise you will miss the most useful “beauty sleep”.

The most critical period is when you need to sleep from two o’clock in the morning to four in the morning, during this period all metabolic processes in the body slow down as much as possible.

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And for the rest, all people are different and you need to sleep as much as it is convenient for you to wake up refreshed and rested. “Sleeping over” is no better than “not getting enough sleep,” remember that.

2. Don’t sleep during the day. 10 tips for a full and healthy sleep.

If you have problems with going to bed in the evening – in principle, forget about daytime sleep, which many people practice. The fact is that these minutes are “taken away” from a normal night’s sleep – in the evening, with a high degree of probability, providing insomnia.

And in the afternoon, after waking up, there is a “sleepy state”, after which it is difficult to get into the working rhythm. Go to bed during the day (and for a short time, up to half an hour), only if you are really very tired or weak (for example, during a period of illness or increased physical exertion).

3. Don’t overeat overnight

Heavy meals and tonic drinks just before bedtime are a bad idea.

Not only that, a hearty dinner half an hour or an hour before bedtime threatens your figure with troubles. What kind of full-fledged recovery of the body can we talk about in this case?

As a result, you will get heaviness in the stomach and general fatigue. However, fasting in the evening is also a bad idea, you need to go to bed with a feeling of light satiety, and have dinner no later than three or four hours before bedtime.

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If the feeling of hunger suddenly worsened, calm him down with a glass of fermented milk drink, a small portion of vegetables or unsweetened fruit. And even better – drink warm milk with honey, soothing tea or herbal tea with chamomile, lemon balm, mint, hops.

Of course, you should not drink alcohol before going to bed. The same applies to the reception of “invigorating” drinks like tea, Cola and coffee.

Tonic substances are contained not only in familiar energy drinks. They can be found even in such non-obvious products as, for example, chocolate, some freshly squeezed juices.

4. Limit physical activity before going to bed. 10 tips for a full and healthy sleep.

Try to finish all serious physical activities (training, dancing, sports) no later than a few hours before bedtime. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the agitated body to fall asleep calmly in time.

But a light, quiet walk on fresh rest shortly before bedtime will benefit. It is also very good to take a warm bath with relaxing herbs or aromatic oils. To do simple breathing exercises – it will help to tune in to rest.

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5. Relax psychologically

To the same extent, we are talking about limiting mental and emotional stress before going to bed.

Urgent solution of some accumulated tasks that require brainstorming or serious memory strain, emotional conversations. After such a load, the body simply will not be able to fully relax and calm down in time, what kind of dream is there!

Put off all difficult and important questions, conversations and decisions for tomorrow. Try to relax and start the relaxation process by turning on quiet melodious music. Thinking about something pleasant and kind, dreaming about something desirable. Plan your morning wake-up with a good mood.

6. Choose the right clothes for sleeping

It is important that the clothes do not restrict your movements during sleep, and the skin can breathe freely.

But again– this is primarily a question of your personal comfort. It is only important that the material of the pajamas is made of natural fabrics, without causing excessive sweating.

7. Prepare the bedroom for sleeping

It is advisable to ventilate the room before going to bed – oxygen-saturated fresh air will perfectly contribute to a healthy sleep. However, closed doors will not hurt in any case – for the sake of a restful full sleep, it is worth isolating the room from all kinds of outside noise and light.

Prepare the bed
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Devices with burning light indicators are not recommended to be placed in the bedroom, as well as noisy electrical appliances like humidifiers or air purifiers.

8. Prepare the bed. 10 tips for a full and healthy sleep.

The same applies to the sleeping place – if it causes regular discomfort or inconvenience, what kind of restful sleep can we talk about here.

Do you have enough space on the bed to comfortably spread out? Is the mattress too soft or too hard? Is it not too light and not warming, or, on the contrary, a heavy blanket? Isn’t the pillow too huge and shapeless? Does the bedding material irritate your skin?

But the choice of your convenience, as always, is only yours.

9. Develop reflexes

If you try to perform actions in the same order every day before going to bed. Let’s say a half-hour walk, then a glass of kefir, a warm shower, and then turning off the light and sleeping. Your body will quickly get used to the fact that it is after this sequence that it can relax and rest.

A very important choice of a clearly designated place to sleep, it is necessary to fall asleep only in the bedroom and on the bed.

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10. Don’t force yourself to sleep

Go to bed only with real signs of fatigue and drowsiness. On command, you will not be able to fall asleep, but will only lead to a bad mood.

If you wake up in the middle of the night and toss and turn for 15-20 minutes. Postpone sleep, move to a sofa or an armchair and engage in some kind of calm, soothing activity that will eventually help cause drowsiness.

Remember – the quality of sleep is even more important than its quantity. Sleep well!