Healthy Breakfast broccoli and quinoa pancakes. Lesson 14

Healthy Breakfast: broccoli and quinoa pancakes. Lesson 14

These “pancakes” are suitable for breakfast and snacks. As a side dish to fish, poultry, meat. They can be prepared in advance and then used for busy days (they are perfectly stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days). Healthy Breakfast broccoli and quinoa pancakes.

Quinoa will provide your body with plant protein. Quinoa is one of the healthiest cereals. The benefit of quinoa is that it contains an order of magnitude more vitamins and nutrients than other similar products.  Broccoli is a true champion of cabbage! It contains carotene and vitamins. Broccoli and quinoa pancakes can be eaten at any time of the day, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Especially for those who monitor their weight and health. Very tender and juicy pancakes can be prepared according to this recipe in just half an hour. In any case, eating a healthy vegetable will benefit you and your loved ones.


Quantity 12-15 pcs

Cooking time one hour

broccoli 1/2 head
Medium zucchini 1/2 PC.
Garlic 3 cloves
Onion 1 PC.
Rice or buckwheat flour 2 tablespoons
Large eggs 2 PCs
Quinoa (can be replaced with green buckwheat) 1 Cup
Dill 1 bunch
Salt and pepper to taste
Olive oil for frying 3 tablespoons

Instructions. Healthy Breakfast broccoli and quinoa pancakes.

Boil the quinoa in slightly salted water according to the instructions on the package. Leave to cool.
Peel the onion and garlic. In a food processor, combine all ingredients (except quinoa) until smooth.
Spoon the quinoa into the vegetable mass. The dish should be salted.
In a preheated frying pan with oil, bake the pancakes, spreading them out with a tablespoon and pressing down.
Pancakes should be flat, otherwise they will fall apart when turned over and will not be baked.
Bake the broccoli and quinoa pancakes for about 3-4 minutes on each side over medium heat.
⠀No time for pancakes?

Preheat the oven to 356F degrees, line the baking dish with baking paper and bake for 30-40 minutes until tender. Readiness can be checked, as in a pie: piercing the casserole with a thin wooden stick. Bon appetit!