How to fry steaks on the bone? Guide to steaks: steak alternative. Hanger steak recipe. Part1

How to fry steaks on the bone? Guide to steaks: steak alternative. Hanger steak recipe. Part1

How to fry steaks on the bone? We will start with the most popular category — classic steaks from aged marble meat. Find out which types of classic steaks are worth trying first. And be sure to prepare at least one of them at home. Previous series of articles: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4Part 5.

What is the difference between alternative steaks and classic ones?

1. The price of steaks
Classic marble meat steaks are not cheap. Alternative steaks are much cheaper, so many use them as a daily replacement for more expensive cuts.
2. Unique taste
If classic steaks are about the same in taste (tender, juicy, soft), then alternative types of steaks are a whole palette of flavors. Each steak is unique in taste. For example, the Denver steak has a light creamy aftertaste, and the Skert steak has a rich liver aftertaste.
3. Culinary experiments and new dishes
As for premium cuts, everything is described step by step: heating, frying, rest. The alternative is not so simple. You can stew steaks, grill them on the grill and hot coals, fry them in a wok – in short, experiment.
How best to prepare alternative steaks? There is no single recipe, but most chefs recommend following this principle: if there are streaks, it is better to stew the meat, if there are thin types of alternative steaks, then you need a powerful heat and fast roasting.
Find out more about each steak, and its taste characteristics. How to fry steaks on the bone?

Hanger steak.How to fry steaks on the bone?

Other names: Butcher’s Steak, Hangar, Arrachera, Fajitas Arracheras, Bistro Steak, Onglet.
Part of the carcass: diaphragm

Taste of steak: the steak has a loose texture, there may be slight fat inclusions and thin films. A vein runs through the middle of the cut. The diaphragm steak has a rich flavor with a blood-liver tint. At the same time, properly prepared Hanger steak is very tender and juicy. It is often compared to Tenderloin and is even referred to as”butcher’s tenderloin”.

Best cooking methods:
— roasting on a charcoal grill.
Cooking tips:
Hanger steak can be cooked whole or by cutting a vein in the middle, getting two small steaks. The temperature at which the steak is fried is very important – it must be high. It is important to quickly cover the Hanger with a crust. For a steak with a loose texture, the optimal roasting is medium. At a lower roasting, the taste will be unexpressed, and at a stronger roasting, you will get a dry and hard piece of meat. When serving a ready-made steak, cut it into strips across the muscle fiber. Original recipe for steak with sauce.

Hanger steak with avocado cream sauce

Hanger steak is one of those that is better cooked on the grill. The meat is very juicy with a spicy, smoky aroma. Prepare a Hanger steak with avocado cream sauce. Add a delicate cream sauce made from ripe avocado to a flavorful steak and enjoy an incredibly delicious and simple dish!

Hanger steak is one of the most delicious and flavorful steaks. It is cut from the underbelly of the carcass. This is a fairly long, unpaired muscle, covered with films. Experienced butchers carve such meat for a steak, removing all the films and cutting it lengthwise, in half, opening it like a book. The steak turns out to be quite thin, so it is not always possible to guess its roasting. In order not to make a mistake, we recommend buying a meat thermometer and using it for cooking steaks and roast beef. Check the internal temperature of the Hanger steak when you fry it to a crisp on both sides. When the temperature rises to 118F degrees, the meat can be removed from the grill. During the rest period, the temperature will rise and will be about 123.8F degrees, which is quite enough for a medium-rare steak.
In this recipe, we use a kind of marinade made from hot barbecue sauce. It will not only soften the meat, but also give it a delicious, sticky crust. Adjust the amount of pepper in the marinade to your taste! We also recommend buying beef for steaks of wet aging – this meat is softer, more tender and much more flavorful.

Hanger steak with avocado cream sauce
Hanger steak with avocado cream sauce


Aged beef steak  2 PCs
Garlic 5 cloves
Liquid honey 3 teaspoons
Hot barbecue sauce 1 Cup
Large avocado 1 PC
Greek yogurt 3 tablespoons
Chopped coriander 2 tablespoons
Hot pepper jalapeno 1/4 part
Dried cumin 1/2 teaspoons
Lime juice 2 tablespoons
Kosher salt and pepper to taste

Instruction. How to fry steaks on the bone?

Preparation takes 30 minutes. Cooking time is 35 minutes.

Season the Hanger steak with salt and pepper. Chop 3 garlic cloves in a blender and add hot pepper. Grind to a smooth paste, and then add the honey and barbecue sauce. Whisk until smooth.

Brush the steak with the resulting mixture and let it stand for at least 30 minutes or about 3 hours (in the refrigerator). 20-30 minutes before cooking, remove the meat from the refrigerator – it should heat up.

Prepare the avocado cream sauce. Peel the avocado. Put it in a blender, add the Greek yogurt, the remaining 2 cloves of garlic, cumin, lime juice, hot pepper (optional).

As soon as the mass becomes lush and airy, season it with salt and pepper. And then cool for 20 minutes.

Henger steak fry on a well-heated grill for 3-4 minutes on each side until medium-rare. Let the finished steak rest for another 10 minutes.

Cut the meat into thin slices, pour over the cream sauce and sprinkle with herbs. You can serve it to the table!

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