Healthy Breakfast #38: Dishes with microgreens

Healthy Breakfast #38: Dishes with microgreens

On the basis of microgreens, you can prepare healthy food and replenish the body’s reserves with the necessary trace elements and vitamins in a timely manner. Dishes with microgreens.

Before adding microgreens to a dish, it is advisable to taste each variety, since an adult plant may differ significantly in taste and aroma from young shoots. Some will be more saturated, while others will be neutral or, conversely, excessively spicy or peppery.

What is the taste of different varieties of microgreens

In order for the prepared dish with microgreens not to turn into an unpleasant surprise, it is advisable to ask in advance what flavor shades this or that type of microgreen gives:

#1. Mustard and watercress sprouts have a rich purple color and have a delicate, spicy, slightly insular taste. At the same time, leaf mustard (Japanese) is light green, with a peppery–spicy taste.

#2. Daikon has green leaves, pink stems, and a light spicy aroma. Dishes with microgreens of this variety are more voluminous and nutritious.
#3. Nasturtium has a slightly insular taste, therefore, for those who prefer a more delicate flavor shade, it is better to mix it with a large amount of other microgreens.

#4. Beetroot has a mild aroma, and its stems can be painted in different colors – from white and pink to purple and bright orange.
#5. Onion sprouts, although they have an onion flavor in combination with other microgreens, it is not felt at all.
#6. To add freshness to a salad or smoothie, you can use a coriander sprout. Despite the fact that it is a “derivative” of the leaves of mature cilantro, its aroma is more subtle and pure.

microgreens. Photo from pixabay

#7. Carrots give the dish juiciness and a sweet, savory taste. The same goes for kohlrabi and corn.
#8. Broccoli, lettuce leaves, spinach – such microgreens do not give any particular taste and aroma, but they are one of the most useful.
#9. Cabbage sprouts pakchoi has a pronounced island taste that gives piquancy.
#10. Rutabaga combines the tastes of turnips and cabbage, but has no sharpness and makes the dish slightly sweet.

# 11. Peas have a delicate structure and a sweet taste.
# 12. Sorrel – to give a slight sourness.
#13. Flax, arugula, ginger, sunflower – for those who prefer dishes with a slight hint of nutty flavor.
#14. Alfalfa gives a light herbaceous taste, and has a juicy, crispy structure.
#15. Celery sprouts are salty, and spicy, but do not have such a pronounced taste as an adult plant.

Microgreens can be cooked separately or used as a piquant addition to various dishes. Basil or coriander is suitable for beef and fish steaks. Seafood goes well with daikon or mustard sprouts, and to add piquancy to a potato dish, you can add watercress.

In order for a dessert or pastry dish to be not only delicious but also useful, it can be decorated with pea sprouts or sweet basil. To add piquancy to fruit ice cream, a microgreen arugula or basil with a light lemon flavor is perfect.

1. Muesli with sunflower microgreens. Dishes with microgreens.

Microgreens, with which you can improve absolutely any meal. Tender buttery sunflower shoots are perfect for yogurt.

Muesli with sunflower microgreens
Muesli with sunflower microgreens. Photo from pixabay


Muesli 3 tablespoons
Natural yogurt 5.29oz
Dates 3 pieces
Pine nuts 2 tablespoons
Sunflower microgreens 3 tablespoons
Honey 2 teaspoons


Cooking time 10 minutes

Peel the dates from the seeds and cut them. Mix all the products in a cup. To sweeten breakfast, you can add honey to muesli. All components should be well whipped in a blender and immediately drunk.

2. Sandwiches with avocado and watercress microgreens

Avocado toast is a great option for breakfast or a nutritious snack. It can be even more useful if you use whole-grain bread and sprinkle microgreens on top. For cooking, take:

Sandwiches with avocado and watercress microgreens
Sandwiches with avocado and watercress microgreens. Photo from pixabay


Whole grain bread 2 slices
Avocado 1 piece
Lemon juice 1 tablespoon
Cherry tomatoes 3 pieces
Of micro-greens of watercress 2 tablespoons
Sesame 1 teaspoon
Salt and pepper to taste.


Cooking time 15 minutes

Toast the bread in the toaster until golden brown. Cut the avocado and tomatoes into thin slices. Put the vegetables on toast, pour lemon juice, season with salt and pepper, and sprinkle sesame seeds and micro-greens on top.

3. Salad with radish microgreens, celery, and apple. Dishes with microgreens.

Most often, miniature greens are added to the composition of vegetable and fruit salads. For example, try a vitamin salad made exclusively of green ingredients. You will need:

Salad with radish microgreens, celery and apple
Salad with radish microgreens, celery and apple. Photo from pixabay


Celery 2 stalks
Apples 2 pieces
of radish microgreens 4 tablespoons
Dill 1 tablespoon
Peeled pumpkin seeds 2 tablespoons
Lemon juice to taste;
Olive oil to taste;
Salt and pepper to taste.


Cooking time 15 minutes

Cut the apples and celery into small cubes. Finely chop the dill. In a separate bowl, mix lemon juice, oil, and spices. On a plate, mix the apples and celery, sprinkle with micro greens and seeds, and pour the dressing.

4. Vegetable fitness salad with cottage cheese

The combination of ingredients allows you to quickly restore strength after a fitness workout and replenish the reserves of trace elements.

Vegetable fitness salad with cottage cheese
Vegetable fitness salad with cottage cheese. Photo from pixabay

For one serving you will need:

Lettuce leaves 1.76oz
One small apple of unsweetened varieties
Bulgarian pepper 1 piece
Tomato 1 piece
Cottage cheese 3 tablespoons
Microgreens 2 tablespoons

Cooking recipe:

Cooking time 10 minutes

Tear the salad into large pieces and spread it out on a flat plate. Dice the vegetables and apple, and then randomly arrange them on top of the salad. Cover the top with cottage cheese and sprinkle liberally with chopped microgreens.

5. Salad with shrimp and radish microgreens. Dishes with microgreens.

This dish includes a maximum of healthy ingredients, the combination of which is able to fully saturate the body with trace elements.

Salad with shrimp and radish microgreens
Salad with shrimp and radish microgreens. Photo from pixabay

Three servings will require the following ingredients:

Sweet and sour apple 1 piece
Carrot 1 piece
Shrimp (pre-need to be cleaned and boiled) 8.82oz
Microgreen radish 3 tablespoons
Olive oil 3 tablespoons

Cooking recipe:

Cooking time 20 minutes

The shrimp should be finely chopped, the apple and carrot should be finely grated. Mix the ingredients and immediately season with olive oil so that the apple does not have time to darken. Then add the radish and mix again. The salad turns out fresh, pleasant to the taste and charges with vital energy for the whole day.

In this salad, you can use different microgreens, experimenting with flavors. However, before adding a new ingredient to the dish, it is advisable to experiment with a single portion and try what happens. Not all varieties of young plant sprouts will be combined with the sweet and sour taste of an apple.

How to quickly increase immunity?

To increase the immunity of an adult and avoid frequent colds, you need to change your lifestyle. It is important to minimize stressful situations, give up bad habits, and not self-medicate. You should get enough sleep and eat right. In other cases, it will not be possible to maintain an excellent state of health.

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